Dream Villas (1993 - 2003)

Seaside huts in the Ravenna coast

a tribute to Walker Evans

Modest wooden cabins built on the sand, eroded by wind and salt, whipped by the bora and caressed by the scirocco. There to undergo the effects of time, there to tell of their double life: places for snoozing and eating watermelon with daytime friends, adn bachelor's quarters for the poor by night.

But we must set out precisely from the framing of the shot to understand the word Zaffagnini has achieved with these Ville dei sogni
His is a work of removal, of simplification, a cleaning of the photographic image
It's the choice of using a low threshold intensity, it's a calm use of representation
This lingering over things without anxiety, this time that cannot be whiled away, mean that all the places become observable, without creating hierarchies.

Vilbres Rabboni
from the Preface to Dream villas, Ravenna, Danilo Montanari Ed., 2006.