Splinters (2015)

Recent images of still open wounds, seventy years after WW2 in the towns of Bassa Romagna - Italy

Who knows if the visitors of Parco Piancastelli in Fusignano notice the signs of the last war's grenades on the city walls and if they ever thought of those who were there on 27 December 1944.

Some high school students, guests of a television program, perhaps confused by video games, think that war is an inevitable and decisive solution.

The patrons of the bar do not give importance to the signs on the walls, they see war every day on the news, then they say it is far away, it does not concern us.

Solitary cyclists proceed slowly and scan the territory in all its parts. I find myself in front of the wounded house that one of them pointed out to me: it is full of obstacles, not really prones to a photographer's needs, I wait for the sun to arrive in the labyrinth, it is a patient and useless wait. Photographers have always struggled with light, while writers and poets struggle with words; not being very used to writing, I now understand their effort.

I have no alternative, injured houses are rare, I absolutely have to find a decent shot, I've been fighting since yesterday, I'll be back tomorrow at a different time.