Herbarium (2000-2002)

to Henry Fox Talbot

These grasses, delicately traced drawings on post-industrial backgrounds, against the skyline formed by an industry that has replaced nature; are clear signs, full of personality that come out of barren lands, splits in the asphalt, cracks in cement and stones. True and proper portraits, beautiful figures of survival. Vague landscapes loose themselves in the background. They are the tired, faded landscapes of our country of which Zaffagnini offers an indirect description at the same time in which he is working on the cataloguing of these dear weeds. It is very important to pay attention to this work and the formation of this delicate post-industrial herbarium

Roberta Valtorta
from the preface to Herbarium, Milano, Silvana editoriale, 2003

The Herbarium experience led later to the realization of a small garden where I plant edible wild plants.