Bunker (2016)

German bunkers from WW2 along the Ravenna coast.

The tourist plane flies over the old German bunker near the Ravenna coast. The openings that housed tools of death, show today the pine forest crossed by bathers who already see the sea beyond the dunes. Among them, many German tourists perhaps do not know that the bunkers surrounded by greenery were used by their ancestors. This is not the time to think about the past tragedy on which they have become better aware than us for some time. Photographing places linked to war always creates some discomfort for me; but now, the "peaceful" reuse of these artifacts near the houses cancels the embarrassment, it is a sort of revenge that surpasses even symbolically the initial destination. Recycled as warehouses, they keep bottles of wine, stocks of pasta, Italian beer, mineral water, jars of fruit in syrup, jams and tomato sauce cool. They tell me that an entire family lived in one of these, once used by the German command.